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How how much does classes cost?

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Do I have to sign a contract?

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Can I cancel at any time?

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Do I have to sign a waver before starting class?

Yes. Not that you are likely to get hurt … ( because you are not ) and injuries are seldom, but as with all martial arts classes ( no matter what style ) there carries with it the possibility of getting an unintended injury. And we certainly can’t guarantee it won’t happen. And we can’t absorb the cost of it’s occurrence. So … yes ….. but injuries are seldom and rarely serious enough to hinder regular day to day activities.
If I want to do Jiu Jitsu do I have to train in a GI?

Yes. The best grapplers in the world all train in the GI. Even if your primarily interested in no GI competitions, GI training is essential because the grips a GI allows forces the grappler to rely on precision positioning and movement concepts and techniques. With the GI if your positional understanding and techniques are not as refined as possible, your opponent can stop you by simply grabbing your GI. You can’t get away with sloppy guard passes and escapes because the GI allows your opponent to stop your movement. But if your technique is good, even though you are wearing a GI, your opponent will not be able to stop your escapes and positional advancement. Furthermore, relying on the slippery situation of not wearing a GI, to escape armbars and chokes, hinders the refinement of your technique and allows you to get by without a deep understanding of positional concepts. This is why nearly 100% of the best grapplers in the world train with a GI.
Where do I get a GI?

If we have some in stock you can just buy one from us. Check HERE to see. But you can also just go online and order a GI from anywhere …. like Amazon. It just normally takes a few days to a week to get the GI.
Do I need anything else, besides a GI?

Not really. Some people like to wear a cup …. ( that’s always a good precaution ). Some people like to wear a mouth piece ( if they are planning on competing in MMA or something ). Some people like to wear ear guards to guard against cauliflower ear accidents ( which is normally not a issue in Jiu-Jitsu ….. it’s more of a issue in wrestling). If we have have these itesm in stock you can check them out and buy them from us. Check HERE to see. If we don’t there is always Amazon.
How long does it take the average guy to get a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu?

The average guy doesn’t get a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. In fact the average guy never even makes it to purple belt. Jiu-Jitsu takes consistent time dedication more than anything. If your asking, “How long it takes a guy of average athletic ability and intelligence willing to train 4 – 6 times a week?” …. then 8 – 12 years. Roughly 500 hours of training time per belt with at least half of that time spent in live sparring ( often called rolling ).

DISCLAIMER — this is a rough general estimate. Advancement is often not linear and is up to your coach to make the call.

But it’s a good average ruler.

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